The Course

Set over 2 floors we offer 9 exciting holes for all to enjoy, pop down to explore everything Zingers. 

Ground Floor

When you come into the centre, you will be greeted with our foyer area, this has the main counter, waiting areas and most importantly some areas to take some pics... 

Once your booking time is ready, head on in and on your right you will see the last 3 holes of the course, head past them to our first floor to find the first hole. 

Due to the location and first floor access, it is with regret that we are not wheelchair friendly. We do apologies and will work hard to try and resolve this in the future. 

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Screenshot 2022-02-12 at 13.43.00.png

First Floor

Once you arrive upstairs, the first hole is just to your left, you then flow round 6 specially designed holes to challenge your skills to the maximum. 

Feel free to stop for a pitstop in one of our toilets (if the need arises) 

Once you have wiped the floor with your friends, head back downstairs to finish on our last 3 holes. 

We hope you have a great time.